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About Us

Artifil is a French manufacturer specialising in industrial metal wires and plastic injection. For over 35 years, ARTIFIL has been providing solutions to meet the needs of its customers in the mechanical closures, automotive, industry, agriculture and design sectors. From the design office up to integration in plastics-processing, every year, 660 client projects are enhanced thanks to our expertise and equipment.

+ 35 years

of experience

+ 50



projects per year

+ 30%

turnover for exports


Our challenge: to transform metal wire to meet all your industrial needs.
Draw on our expertise and find out more about our achievements: learn how we can add value to your ideas,
by combining our expertise in metal wire and plastic injection.


Our commitment: provide you with the necessary human resources to meet your needs.
ARTIFIL, real people form our company’s service chain to create and deliver the products you expect.


Customer experience and customer service are what guide us every day. Artifil’s sales department begins by listening to you and then supports you throughout the whole process. Knowing how to manage costs is a key factor in managing your industrial project. Our teams know how to adapt to your specific business problems.


Creating a prototype before making the industrial production choice in small or large production runs is the best way to validate your projects. Our team is driven by the technical challenges you face with regard to metal wires and plastic injection. Thanks to our strict and speedy design-development process, we have the answers to your complex products.


Benefit from our engineering and consulting services for metal wire and plastic injection. Your industrial projects originate here with custom-made plans to guarantee the feasibility and quality of your wire and plastic injection productions.


Benefit from a modern industrial-production workshop, equipped with powerful CAPE (Computer Assisted Production Engineering) software and a set of over 40 machines, enabling unit prototypes to be made as single pieces or in large quantities, sometimes exceeding 1 million units.


Working with Artifil ensures you will be listened to and you will have your own contact who is committed to managing your industrial projects. From high-quality customer service to high-quality metal wires and plastic injection productions, our certifications have been continually renewed for more than 30 years.


This is the final touch in our manufacturing process to add value to your wire and plastic injection products. Our employees are committed to providing you with the same attention as they do the production in order to ensure your delivery is on time and packaging is adapted to suit your order.


Our processes target all stages – from design to industrialisation and production.
From the modelling phase up to prototyping and pre-setting in the metal wire and plastic injection industry, we are committed to working with you during the cycles in which we manage your products.

All of our equipment is integrated into processes and standards validated by their compliance with standards and certifications, some of which represent constant sources of innovation, combining both mechanical and digital tools, to add value to your client projects. Moreover, our teams precisely maintain and monitor our production tools in order to speed up and secure our operations including threading, chamfering, tapping, crushing, stamping, wire bevelling and for a single purpose: to deliver bespoke solutions for clips, pins, hooks, shafts, handles, rods or any other complex shape.